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The battle for the soul of this critical nation is underway

To a point.What I can't understand at all is someone like Mourdock being so bereft of empathy that he can't put himself in the shoes of a woman told she has to bear such a child,she has no choice in the matter,even if she doesn't share those same beliefs about life being life,period. That's just astonishing to me. How any man can presume that he Rayban Sun Glasses has the right to make that kind of decision for a woman…but of course so many men do presume exactly that.Here is one place where I wish liberals were more conversant? and comfortable speaking in religious and scriptural contexts. Surely there exists a religion-based answer to the "life is life" assertion. I think the pro-choice side would do better in these arguments if it embraced some of this kind of language,which to be fair some people but not that many do.
From the jihadists’ point of view,Bhutto was a Western-educated woman who represented a vision for Pakistan and the Muslim world diametrically opposed to their own. For them,a Muslim woman leader elected by popular vote symbolized the kind of modernity they hoped to block through jihad. For them,being a woman with a Western education was enough reason to hate Bhutto with a passion.Pakistan’s generals resented Bhutto for their own reasons. Despite adverse propaganda and ouster from power amid corruption charges,Bhutto remained widely popular among Pakistanis. The army’s senior commanders saw Bhutto as a challenge to their authority ever since Islamist dictator Gen. Zia-ul-Haq hanged Bhutto’s father in 1979 on what are widely believed to be trumped-up charges of plotting to assassinate a political opponent.
Since those numbers were tallied by the agency in January,the VA’s two top technology officers have announced their resignations,saying they had accomplished their goals.On February 27,the agency’s principal deputy undersecretary for benefits also announced he was quitting.In interviews,workers at five VA offices said they were exhausted by the ever-growing piles of paperwork,with files becoming so thick that employees frequently have asked veterans to resend medical records or military service documents simply because the claims workers could not locate them.Cindy Indof,who handles appeals at the VA office in Columbia,S.C.,said it is not uncommon for her to see the same medical information in a veteran’s claim repeated two or even three times.
” Sure,we need to find ways to reduce tuition. But Perry’s approach would push universities to hire lower-cost and less-qualified instructors,explode class size,and leave faculty members little time for research.The main cause of rising tuition costs is not research—research was vibrant when I was a student at the University of Texas in the 1980s and tuition was $4 a credit. Rather,tuition has gone up as state support has gone down. Where once the great state of Texas paid for more than half the cost of its children’s college educations,today the level of support has dropped to just 13 percent. And even with a state surplus of $8.8 billion,the genius politicians in Austin are calling for another $300 million in cuts to Texas higher education.
And in the battle between a company in an industry that is universally disliked (cable),and one that gives Americans exactly what they want (television networks),it isn’t shocking to see CBS beating Time Warner Cable—at least in the stock market. Diane Bondareff/APAs Time Warner Ray Ban Sale subscribers in major markets like New York,Los Angeles and Dallas go without CBS programming for the 19th day,neither side looks close to crying uncle. At the heart of the issue are retransmission fees—the amount of money cable companies pay broadcast networks to transmit their content to subscribers. According to reports,CBS is looking to double the amount it gets to $500 million. Meanwhile Time Warner is saying that if it concedes to the demands of CBS,it will have to do so for every network come negotiation-time.
The battle for the soul of this critical nation is underway; we need to hear at Monday’s debate how President Obama and Governor Romney intend to get the right outcome. People gather around a damaged vehicle after a shootout in southwest Pakistan’s Quetta,Oct. 14,2012. (Iqbal Hussain / Xinhua-Corbis)Malala Yousafzai,a 14-year-old girl,is fighting for her life in a hospital in Birmingham,England,because she believes girls should get an education. She was shot in the head by the Pakistani Taliban for her beliefs. Her story epitomizes her country’s story. It is a battlefield between extremists,often linked to al Qaeda,and those who want a progressive and modern Pakistan. The sixth-largest country in the world—and soon to be the world’s largest Muslim country—it already has the fastest-growing nuclear arsenal on the planet.
?And what they did was not limit asbestos insurance to "responsible asbestos owners",but destroy the market for insurance.Those of you who recall the great implosion of Lloyd's of London in the early 1990s may remember that the heart of the financial problems was a 1980s court ruling holding that insurers were liable for asbestos damages on any policy written between the time of exposure and the time (usually decades later) when the disease manifested. ?According to Adam Raphael,author of the best book on the Lloyd's disaster,they did so precisely because otherwise,there would have been no one for asbestos victims to sue: the companies were bankrupt,or nearly so,and the insurers who they approached to write them liability insurance were responding with quotes along the lines of "All the money in the world,plus a box of chocolates and a weekend for two in Puerto Rico.
Van der Sloot was the last person to be seen with Holloway on the night before she was scheduled to fly back to America. Her body was never found,but van der Sloot confessed to several different scenarios,including leaving her drunk on the beach and selling her into the sex trade. He was twice arrested but never formally charged for any crime relating to the case in Aruba. Flores was murdered five years to the day that Holloway disappeared. Van der Sloot admitted to killing Flores,but blamed posttraumatic stress disorder for being accused of Holloway’s disappearance for making him kill the Peruvian. Dutch national Joran van der Sloot listens as his sentence is read,at the Lurigancho prison in Lima,Peru,on January 13,2012.
This morning I got to talk to an expert who pointed out that the roofers are in a particularly unattractive position. Roofing companies are mostly small shops,which makes them hard to organize. And it just got much harder,because now open-shop roofing companies are essentially getting subsidized health insurance for their employees.Under Obamacare,small firms don't have to provide insurance to their employees. ?That probably describes most of the non-union roofing firms in the country. ?Meanwhile,non-union roofers are going to be eligible for heavily subsidized insurance on the exchanges. ?Union workers get the health insurance,but no subsidy. ?This will mean one of two things: 1.
” When Sullivan snarked about CNN’s low ratings,Morgan advised his antagonist to watch his “bitchy cyberspace back,sunshine.” Indeed,he appears incapable of uttering Sullivan’s name without the word “bitch” making a cameo. (Irish talk host Graham Norton,who is also gay,has a similarly reserved verb: Morgan has no time for the “mincing,talentless little fool” or,alternately,the “mincing little midget.”)Such schoolyard taunts Ray Ban Sunglasses might not inflict much damage on his reputation (he is,after all,an opinion journalist),but his past controversies—the phone-hacking accusations,share-tipping scandal,fake Iraq War abuse photo scandals—that have made him a punchline in the United Kingdom have caught up with him in the United States.
What are the factors that have seemed to change the climate so much in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting?There’s a general crescendo that’s been building with these types of shootings,but the fact that the so many of the victims in Sandy Hook were 6- and 7-year-old kids—that’s played a big part. Christina Taylor-Green,for example,was one of the most remembered victims of the shooting in Tucson because she was a young girl. But last week we had 20 Christina Taylor-Greens in one morning.Also important is the fact that these mass shootings have been occurring with increasing frequency in recent years. I mean,I can name several mass-shooting events since August alone—since Aurora. Aurora was followed by the Sikh temple shooting,which was followed by a very high-profile shooting at the Empire State building,which was followed by a mass shooting at a salon in Oregon,which was followed a shooting at a mall in Oregon,which was followed by a shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.

His burns developed a distinctly unfunny bacterial infection

Their value as informants against the mafia precluded their being arrested as racketeers.O’Sullivan acquiesced,beginning a new phase in which the U.S. Department of Justice now had a vested interest in protecting Bulger and Flemmi,who would go on to kill many more people—including the two Debbies—before Whitey went on the run in 1995.Throughout the trial so far,Rayban Sun Glasses whenever questioning by the defense lawyers strays into areas pertaining to Boston’s historical narrative of corruption in the justice system,or,more specifically,the role of the Department of Justice beyond the FBI,the prosecutors usually object. “Your honor,” they ask,”what relevance does this have to the case against James Bulger?” Invariably,Judge Denise Casper sustains the objection.
Lincolnby David Herbert Donald Donald won one more Pulitzer than Goodwin,so perhaps he had an excuse to head straight for the great man himself. Donald’s 720-page book is considered the best one-volume take on the 16th president,and the narrative rarely strays from him. He so closely locks in his target that he hardly ever writes of something that Lincoln himself couldn’t have known,like the workings of the Confederacy or the progress of a certain Civil War battle or two.Abraham Lincolnby Carl Sandburg Then there’s the poet’s labor of love,and I’m not talking about Whitman’s “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d,” “O Captain! My Captain!”,”Hush’d Be the Camps To-Day” and “This Dust Was Once the Man,” which are of course essential readings as well.
Employers like to require army experience as a pre-requisite in order to weed out the Palestinian applicants. Other employers don’t even try to hide their hatred and make it clear that Arabs need not apply.Even with all these forces working against them,graduating students from Jaffa to Jenin still manage to dream big. Whether opening a micro recycling business,pursuing a master’s degree,or searching for an elusive job,their goals are clear and they somehow still believe that with hard work and determination anything is possible. I cannot decide if this is delusional or inspirational,but either way I am rooting for them to succeed.To all the Palestinians in the Class of 2013 who made it to graduation without failing out,being jailed,expelled,killed,or married,I say congratulations and good luck.
While the city prepares for the 39-day scramble for signatures that will begin on August 18,Filner is biding his time by spending the next two weeks in treatment. “I think we should change the locks to City Hall while he’s gone,” joked Councilman Kersey. But in all seriousness,the new allegations that Filner took advantage of his former role as chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee to prey on victims of sexual assault only adds fuel to the mounting rage against the mayor. “This news is disturbing,” Rep. Mike Michaud,ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee,said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “While I wasn’t aware of these actions,our committee strives at all times to treat veterans,especially those who have suffered military sexual trauma,with respect.
“Of course not,” she said,”it’sSimchat Torah—and you are welcome.” And,of course,she and her family would be welcome in our home too,with bagels,crembos—and even the kind of four course meal we were lucky enough to enjoy with them,our fellow MoTs.And now,Romney Double-Talk on Taxing the Rich Suddenly it's Mitt Romney who sounds like the one making class warfare. Brian Beutler reports?on the shift in his tax rhetoric that the media haven't really yet asked him about,I reckon because no one who's interviewed him recently knows enough about tax policy. But I do. So here it is.Romney has taken to saying that he actually does not want to cut rich people's taxes. ?Yesterday he said:?”I start off with a very fundamental principle,which is we want to reduce the burden on middle-income taxpayers,and we’re not going to provide a tax break to high-income taxpayers.
His burns developed a distinctly unfunny bacterial infection.Still,all three have a lot to be thankful for: six people died (PDF) in 2012 from fireworks accidents,mostly from pursuing—and achieving—a bigger,better (and in many cases,illegal) bang through building their own. In Omaha,30-year-old Brad Vanzago and his dog died after the fireworks he was assembling on his porch exploded and demolished his house.As for nature’s fireworks—lightning—June,July,and August are the deadliest months,and fishing is the activity most likely to put you at risk of being struck,according to a recent study by the National Weather Service (PDF). So far for 2013,there have been nine deaths caused by lightning strikes.
Think of the precedent being set here.”Visit for breaking news,world news,and news about the economyThat threat is no longer hypothetical,and the power that politicians have over Brooklyn College’s budget is far from abstract. Members of the New York City Council have sent a letter to the College’s president threatening to pull funding based on their disagreements with the views of the invited panelists.”We are asking you to either cancel this event or,if it should take place,then to remove your school’s official support for it," says the the letter,authored by Lew Fielder,Assistant Majority Leader,Ray Ban Sale and signed by nine other council members. "We believe in the principle of academic freedom.
As a rule,there are no silver linings in such atrocity; to suggest otherwise is obscene and insulting.We yearn,too,for the emergence of heroes,and it’s demonstrative of their tremendous dignity that the first responders are always quick to repudiate this term,to deny its application: this isn’t heroism,this is my job. For Homer the hero was a battler who deals in death and seeks immortality through valor; for Pindar the hero was poised in glory between gods and men. The archetypical hero of literature embarks on a journey of enlightenment,on a quest or conquest,and our modern interpreters of the hero—Thomas Carlyle,Otto Rank,and Joseph Campbell especially—emphasize the mythical or symbolical quality of every hero’s plight.
Snowden violated the Espionage Act of 1917,first by stealing classified government documents,then by making them public. If Silkwood possessed the documents she said she had,she violated AEC regulations by stealing classified or protected nuclear documents.Snowden understood that he was breaking the law and sought to protect himself by fleeing the country. Whether he was working alone is still under investigation. It’s not clear whether Silkwood knew she could be prosecuted if she gave AEC documents to a newspaper. She was working with and guided by her union.Snowden knew he was in danger. On June 9,The Washington Post quoted him as saying that the U.S. intelligence community “will most certainly kill you” to prevent the exposure of its secrets.
They’ve lost on gay marriage,and they seem to have a penchant for running their mouth about rape. The decline in the proportion of married women in the electorate hurts,since single women are much more supportive of a large welfare state than are their married sisters. So does the growth of the latino vote. They’re going to eventually face defense cuts which will make the hawks madder than hell. And they’ve now nominated two candidates who have put forward almost nothing that couldn’t be found in Reagan’s 1980 platform. The party desperately needs some new ideas to sell to the American public. But I am highly skeptical that last night means they’ve gone into some sort of permanent decline.
” He cared for her so much that he even drove around with Teddy Kennedy stickers on his car,though secretly he “was hoping that Ronald Reagan would be elected Ray Ban Sunglasses president,but no one was asking my opinion.” ‘Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story’ by Arnold Schwarzenegger. 656 pp. Simon & Schuster. $35.5. The Playgirl Shoot That Never WasIn 1978 Schwarzenegger agreed to pose for a photo essay to appear in Playgirl magazine. The setup was his idea: “It would be a traditional beer hall,but instead of hefty German woman serving the beer steins … it would be young sexy girls with bare tits.” Shriver,whom he had had just started dating,hated the idea and convinced him to pay $7,000 to have the story killed.

This is an astoundingly high number

It’s the package,not the content,that counts.New Democrats assumed otherwise. We believed the party’s electoral failures stemmed directly from its embrace of economic redistribution over growth,entitlements over personal Rayban Sun Glasses and civic responsibility,identity politics over citizenship and statist solutions over civic empowerment. Through innovations like work-based welfare reform,national service,reinventing government,charter schools and community policing,Clinton helped the party regain the intellectual initiative as well as the mantle of reform. Before his breakthrough in the 1991 New Hampshire primary,he already had won what his pollster Stan Greenberg called the “ideas primary.
He penned a 2010 song titled “I Love My Hair,” sung gleefully by a proud puppet with an Afro: “Don’t need a trip to the beauty shop,’cause I love what I got on top / It’s curly and it’s brown and it’s right up there. You know what I love? That’s right,my hair!”Anti-Bullying Big Bird has big feet—and that’s enough to deny him entrance in the Good Birds Club,at least according to a group of bullies that tease the yellow giant for his size. In a 2011 episode of Sesame Street addressing the headline-grabbing bullying epidemic,Big Bird is traumatized by the insults and asks the fairy Abby to make him smaller,so the bullies would stop berating him. Of course,his friends soon rally around him,and help the beloved bird understand why he’s special—helping kids learn how to stand up for themselves in a safe way.
He would once more become a figure made scruffily holy by another demonstration of that greatest love.”It’s like you’re a fireman on 9/11,going into danger while everybody else is running away,” says close family friend Bob Jennings.Jennings notes that Bennett’s training had really begun back when he was growing up as a car mechanic’s son in Glendora,Calif.”He kind of grew up in a put-it-together house,” Jennings says. Bennett’s hands had just seemed to know what to do.”Always tinkering,making things work,” says Jennings.That had made Bennett a natural at the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Basic School at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. He arrived there in 2006,when he was just 20. He no doubt saw the memorial wall there on which are inscribed the names of EOD technicians who had been killed in action.
The Playing-Off Music Gets Cheeky This year’s playing-off music for speeches that go on too long is the theme from Jaws. Clever,witty spin on what is typically the most frustrating part of an awards telecast—though it’s unlikely that the winning Best Visual Effects team from Life of Pi appreciated the laughs from the audience as they got wise to what was going on while they tried to shout their last thank-yous.Shirley Bassey Slays ‘Goldfinger’ Redeeming an exhausting,rudimentary montage celebrating the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film,Shirley Bassey strutted to the mic and earned her license to kill,positively murdering a rendition of the theme from Goldfinger.
He’s now at about 5,000 takers,who spend between $3 and $7 a month to read pieces on banking or Ray Ban Sale meat ticks or serial child molesters. To stay afloat,he needs to double that figure,ideally by the end of the year. For the whole experiment to be a viable one,he needs to get to 30,000 subscribers. At 50,000,he says,”we never have to do anything for the rest of our lives.”The “Weintern” only brought in maybe 100 new subscribers,Carr told The Daily Beast in a fast-talking interview littered with F-bombs and interrupted only by sips from a Diet Coke (he’s off the sauce). To succeed,he has to do great journalism that no one else is doing,at least not in the same way. And people have to find out about it,and like it so much that they’re willing to add one more monthly bill to their Pandora subscriptions and gym memberships and alimony payments.
Iraqi Archaeology’s Rebirth After almost 100 interrupted years,archaeology returns to Iraq. “What we’re finding is that this is,hands down,the richest archaeological landscape in the Middle East,” Ur said. “Due to the history of conflict and ethnic strife in this region,there was no work done in this area at all,so it really is a tabula rasa,so it’s a very exciting time.”Utility Stocks Suffer as Investors Fear Fiscal Cliff ^DJI data by YChartsInvestors and analysts are looking for signs that the advent of the fiscal cliff is affecting the economy and the markets. The chart above shows one obvious effect.The stocks of utility companies occupy a particular niche in the investing world.
Law enforcement officials wanted records of who called and emailed whom and when—the sort of information the Justice Department got from the AP—where cellphone users were at any given time,and other information that you and I might expect to be private,or at least would expect police would need a warrant for.But they don’t need a warrant to get this information,because technically,in the eyes of the law,it doesn’t belong to you—it belongs to your phone company,or your Internet-service provider. This view dates back to 1979,when the Supreme Court ruled that while the content of your phone conversations is private and would require a warrant to monitor,the details of who you called and for how long (the “toll record”) belongs to the phone company.
Saturday morning summary: Prince Harry is in Colorado for the opening ceremony of a Paralympic-style games for injured servicemen and women,on the third day of his US tour. Almost 300 injured servicemen and women from the UK and US are competing in the Warrior Games.The prince will attend the opening ceremony,join some of the British athletes for brunch and watch a demonstration of a volleyball match. The Warrior Games are hosted every year by the US Olympic Committee. HRH Prince Harry speaks with wounded soldiers undergoing physical therapy during his visit to the Military Advanced Training Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (J. Scott Applewhite / Pool / Getty Images) J.
“Unexpected as his choice may have been,Bergoglio has long been a trusted member of the church’s hierarchy. The archbishop of Buenos Aires,capital of Argentina,he tendered his resignation in 2011 when he turned 75,according to church protocol. Pope Benedict XVI refused the letter and asked Bergoglio to remain in charge of one of Latin America’s largest archdioceses. Fittingly,one of his first gestures on the balcony in Rome was to pray for the “bishop emeritus,” now known as Cardinal Ratzinger.A native porte?o,as those born in Buenos Aires are known,Bergoglio became a priest in 1969 and rose in the Jesuit order to the rank of provisional superior in the mid-’70s,the darkest years of the Argentine military dictatorship.
Even those little blocks of wood the artworks sit on are great: They seem close cognates to the little blue rectangles in the corner of the abstraction,and then are shown again,as actual wood blocks,in the realist print. It’s M.C. Escher,Ray Ban Sunglasses without the schmaltz and with philosophical rigor,or it’s Robert Ryman in a less intuitive moment.For a full visual survey of past Daily Pics visit The Afterglow Of Obama’s Speech I am writing in the afterglow of President Obama’s speech in Jerusalem—an afterglow that lingers on as I re-read his words,and as I recall the boisterous applause that greeted them. I’m content to leave the word clouds and microscopic parsing of his speech to others.
” This is an astoundingly high number. It’s long been a staple observation of Israel that,because of its security situation,its citizens are big consumers of news,well-informed,and highly engaged on both international and domestic politics. There are three possible conclusions to draw from this: Israelis just aren’t as sophisticated when it comes to news and analysis; they are simply too distracted by their own personal tribulations and lives to concentrate on the news much anymore; the state/media ignored the API and therefore didn’t transmit the information to Israelis. Unfortunately the poll doesn’t delve into the “why” part,so we can’t say for sure which of these it is.Second,the survey found that once the principles of the API were explained,55 percent of respondents said they’d “support it to some degree,” while 27 percent “strongly oppose” it (17.